Chosing the right accountant.

It is important to ensure you choose the right accountant for your business - so have a read through our FAQ below. If you can't find the answer you are looking for - please contact us here.


Q: Are Ascent Accounting fully qualified?


Ascent Accounting are fully qualified and belong to a professional Institute. We also are fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance for your own peace of mind.


Q: What are the charges?


We operate on a fixed fee basis, the fees being agreed in advance. We do not charge by the hour or for phone calls or emails. We always come to you to save you time and money. Cash flow and cost effectiveness are your priority and ours. Please see our sample fees.


Q: How easy is it to change accountants?


Very easy - we can arrange all this for you and the process and handover are very straightforward. We can contact your current accountant to arrange everything.


Q: How do I know if you can meet my requirements?


We have an integrated approach to our work covering all accounting and taxation issues that arise from the running of your business. We will listen to your needs and match them to the services that we offer.


Q: Do you understand what it's like to run a business?


Yes! We know what it's like to run your own business and are able to offer successful business advice as well as manage all your accountancy needs. We fully understand the pressures that you are under and offer a wide range of commercial experience which can help with the development of your growing business.


Q: Is it easy to contact you when I need to?


We are easily accessible by phone and email with responses being on a timely basis. We also available to meet you at you convenience and location. We are easy to talk to and will take care of all your accounting needs.


Q: Who will handle my work?


You will have one point of contact and they are personally responsible to you.